Folding Camp Chair With Side Table

Folding Camp Chair With Side Table. When folding camp chairs were invented it changed camping forever. At the time no one realized that it would change the outdoors experience too. So many of us love nature, enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Additionally, there are so many more thing we can do outside. However, if we are to stay outdoors we want the same comfort we have inside our home. That is why folding camp chairs have become so popular. They are comfortable and enable us to enjoy the outdoors.

No matter where you are or what you are doing there is a folding camp chair to meet your special needs. One of the first additional features was the cup holder. Now we can not live without it! Since then new features have been created. Below are features of folding camp chairs which are recommended to enhance your outdoors experience. Folding Camp Chair With Side Table

Open Air Events – Canopy

If you are planning to spend a long period of time at the beach, pool, sporting event or concert in an open area consider a chair which has a canopy attachment. Sitting in the sun for hours will make you very hot. Staying in the sun for long periods of time, even with sun screen can lead to over exposure to harmful UV rays and sunburn. Keep yourself cool and protected. Bring your own shade to your next outing.

Bar-B-Que/Picnic – Side Table

There is nothing better than a good meal. However, most people would prefer to eat it, not wear it. Now manufacturers are producing folding camp chairs with side tables. This invention is perfect for your to have a plate and drink safely placed on a table top. This gives you free hands to enjoy the meal. No spills on your clothing means you stay dry and have no stains. Also, if you like to read, play cards or anything that is more comfortable on a table, now you have one built in.

Tailgating/Dog or Horse Show – Arm & Leg Rests

Spending the day outdoors is great fun. However, you can get tired. Sitting in the right folding champ chair which has a firm seat, arm rests and even leg rests can give you the comfort you need to enjoy a long day. These tailgating chairs are relaxing and enable you to even take a nap as you stretch out in comfort.


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