Folding Welding Table

Folding Welding Table. Among the initial welding jobs you must tackle is a welding table. Yet wait a min. Are you certain you want to invest the time as well as money to build a welding table when you might be able to get one that is portable, collapsible, and also cost-effective? I am all for making points myself when I could conserve a buck. Yet its dismal when you invest a weekend fighting with a welding project just to understand you can have just bought the important things and invested your time on a far better task.

Lets look a some possibilities so that may help in making a good choice on Folding Welding Table, from most inexpensive and also most convenient, to more pricey and also multi functional.

3 choices for a light task table:

  • A 30″ x 20″ foldable metal table that is created for welding which breaks down for storage, can be purchased ready to utilize ideal from package. Approximate expense around $140 plus shipping.
  • The least expensive and also simplest could actually be a collection of home made sawhorses making use of sawhorse braces in addition to an item of 11 scale steel for the welding table top. When not in use, the metal can be saved versus a wall surface and the sawhorses can be disassembled as well as saved off the beaten track.
  • You might even laminate a piece of 16 ga sheet to a tiny sheet of 3/4 inch plywood if you desired. This would certainly serve in a pinch as a light responsibility table for welding little parts. Approximate price around $ 80 ($ 20 for sawhorse braces $20 for a half sheet of plywood, $10 for 2 by fours, $30 for sheet steel top.).
  • A stainless steel food table can be purchased that can be put together quickly. (If you weld stainless food solution type parts, this is an excellent option because you do not desire stainless steel obtaining contaminated with iron bits that will certainly later cause corrosion and discoloration.) Approximate cost around $130.

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